Instrumentation, Automation and Control
  • Remote units, RTU.
  • SCADA systems, HMI, telemetry (Gas and electricity generation plants).
  • Level, Pressure and Temperature transmitters.
  • Field Instrumentation (Indicators, Actuators).
  • Test and calibration benches for safety valves, control valves, measuring instruments (Pressure, Temperature and Level).
  • Flow indicators and transmitters and flow meters for measurement.
  • Control systems: DCS, PLC for process control and monitoring.
  • Control boards and help desk.
Calibration & Detection
  • Calibration equipment.
  • Portable and benchtop test and measurement instruments.
  • Control and monitoring weight system. Gas and liquid analyzers.
  • Installation, calibration and certification of measurement bridges.
  • Installation and calibration of regulation bridges.
Specialized Constructions (Hydrocarbons)
  • Construction of regulation stations.
  • Construction of regasification stations.
  • City Gates facility. Energization, testing and assembly of skids.
  • Construction of Service Stations.
Cathodic Protection
  • Sacrificial anodes.
  • Impressed current, voltage rectifiers.
  • Anodic bed systems, well drilling.
  • Cathodic protection and diagnostic service.
Electromechanical Assembly
  • Pre-Commissioner, Commissioner (Commissioning).
  • Certifications for the Endorsement of Tests.
  • Electromechanical assembly.
Specialized Services
  • Calibration and measurement.
  • Help Desk support.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Maintenance and support of industrial communication satellite stations.