Complementary Equipment
  • Grounding system.
  • Lightning rod system.
  • Energy control and management.
  • Reclosers.
Lighting and illumination
  • Public road lighting.
  • Public lighting on highways.
  • LED lighting for buildings and industries.
  • Lighting and industrial ilumination.
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering for AT – MT – BT.
  • Provision of Transformers, MV / Gas FG6 / Vacuum Cells and Specialized Infrastructure.
  • Electromechanical Assembly, Logistics and Execution.
  • Pre commissioner, Commissioner (Commissioning).
  • Ratio Tests for Transformers (oil and dry).
  • Megado tests for Transformers (oil and dry).
  • Construction and Equipment Testing.
  • Certifications for the Endorsement of Tests.
  • Supply and installation of generator sets and generators
  • Solar systems isolated and linked to other systems.
  • Moving light towers.
  • Wide range of UPS systems and battery banks.
  • Pre commissioner, Commissioner (Commissioning).
Transmission and Distribution
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering for AT – MT – BT (Air and Underground).
  • Electric power transmission and distribution lines in MV and LV.
  • Energization services.
  • HV, MV and LV transformers.
  • OPGW fiber optic over HV.
  • Turnkey MV and LV services.