Security and Surveillance
  • CCTV systems. (Multiple applications).
  • Fire Detection and total discharge systems.
  • Smoke, gas and chemical sensors.
  • Access Control (Multiple technologies).
  • Perimeter security.
  • Video surveillance and monitoring center.
Public Safety
  • Outdoor video surveillance cameras.
  • Pattern Recognition Software.
  • Automatic Dispatch Center.
  • Border Control and Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (Drones).
  • Integrated Intelligence Systems Software.
  • Thermographic Cameras for Firefighters and Fire Extension.
  • Solar charged video surveillance. Humidity and Thermographic Meters.
  • Citizen monitoring centers.
Traffic and Viability
  • Traffic and Speed Control Systems.
  • Automatic License Plate Recognitions.
  • Information Signs and LED Signage.
  • Red Light Violation, Infractions and Vehicle Presence Monitors.
  • Parking System.
  • Weighing and Tolling Solutions.